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Along the coast of the Pagasitic Gulf at the foot of Mount Pelion, you will pass through a wonderful variety of coastal towns and villages. Each of which has it's own magic and charm.


Katia House - Pelion Greece

The town of Kalamos, which is situated 46km from the city of Volos is by far one of the most beautiful and picturesque, and is the perfect destination for your travels and holidays in the magical region of the Pelion peninsula any time of the year.


Though small in size compared to some of the other coastal towns, Kalamos is huge in terms of beauty, peace and tranquility.


It is one of the most popular destinations along the Pagasitic Gulf for those seeking a place where one can simply relax and unwind.


Stretching along two bays, the charm of Kalamos is evident from the moment you arrive. The crystal blue waters lapping up against the shore create a real paradise.


The waters are perfect during the hot summer months, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim. There are some truly wonderful beaches spread out along the Pagasitic Gulf coast that you can visit.


Surrounded by the rich green olive groves, and the backdrop of the Pelion mountain, one cannot help but to relax here in Kalamos. Whether you plan to stay in Kalamos, or merely pass by, it is a place that many visitors to Pelion hold dear in their hearts, and is a place that you will never forget.


Each year the festival of Agia Paraskevi takes place here. Everyone is welcome to attend, where you can join in with the festivities and celebrations and enjoy local dance and music.


The Pelion peninsula is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Greece, and visitors will marvel at the immense natural beauty of the region.

There is magic and charm under on each corner, and with the unique and stunning landscape, it truly is a destination that is ideal for holidays throughout the year.


Kalamos Pelion Greece

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Kalamos, Pelion - Greece
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